Murali Sundaram - Happyness Coach

Murali Sundaram - Happyness Coach®

My Mission is to Help 1 Billion People to become Happier, Energetic, Lighter and Prosperous in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life.

I am an Author, Happyness Coach, Entrepreneur, Key Note Speaker/Trainer with 21 years in the Training & Selling, Health Care & Wellness Industry.

I am a practitioner of Yoga & Meditation for past 30+ years and I have till date helped more than 150,000 Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executives across 10 different countries on Happiness, Peak Performance, Leadership & Personal Effectiveness.

I am also Best Selling Author of more than 7 books as featured in Amazon.

Okay…Okay…Let me stop bragging about myself…

My Primary Intention in creating this Happyness Journal is to bring your awareness to just ONE Key Element of Life:

“Happiness is an Inside Job and only YOU can do it”.

Honestly no one can teach you happiness. Because you are born happy!

I am sure you will agree , that you would like to hang out more with positive people rather than negative people. YES!

A simple way to bring more happiness in our life is to remember those happy moments in life and expand our gratitude to others.

This journal helps you to record your OWN happy moments of life and express gratitude daily just in 5 minutes.

I am sure you will be ready to invest 5 minutes per day for your own happiness and prosperity!

When you meet anyone for their birthday, instead of giving any other gift(which they will remember for a day or two), gift them their memories of happiness with this journal. They will remember you throughout their life!

Happy Journaling! I will see you inside the Journal!