Benefits of Happyness Journal

  • Life Knocks

    More you write this journal, more positive opportunities knock your door.

  • Long Lasting Happiness

    Writing this journal daily increases your emotional battery of peace & happiness

  • Key Still Works

    Monkey Mind can be put at ease and your mind helps you to focus better and clearer

  • Auto Lock

    More positive frame of mind auto-locks negative people/situations from your life

  • Voice Control

    Happyness Journal helps you to control the nagging inner negative voice so that you can achieve more success and happiness in life

  • Health Development

    Good Sleep means good health and good mental state


We are living in a highly distractible society and our focus gets easily distracted. This Journal helps you to regain your focus on your key priorities in life and help you to achieve more. Higher the focus, higher is your income potential. This journal helps you to streamline your priorities of tomorrow before going to bed today itself. Not only you go to bed happy after writing this journal, but wake up excited for an amazing day ahead. Focus is your key to success.


Number one reason for all stress and related diseases are directly related to the quality of sleeping. Just by investing 5 minutes with this journal daily, good quality of sleep is guaranteed. When you sleep with a positive frame of mind, not only it improves your sleep quality, but also your relationships, decision making, creativity, memory and emotional stability.


When you put yourself in a positive state of mind, you will end up in attracting positive people, positive clients and positive situations in life. You will surprisingly find negative people suddenly vanishing/moving away from you after following this journal daily. Your life becomes positive and research clearly shows positive and happy people make MORE money than negative people.

Product Created by India’s Only Happyness Coach Murali Sundaram

  • Trained 150,000 Business Leaders

  • 12 Countries

  • Over 1 lakh Subscribers

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Why you need this Journal

Discipline and Focus are two most important ingredients towards Success & Happiness. Successful Business Leaders understand that they have to daily work towards building their discipline and focus muscles inside them.

They focus on sleeping happily daily to focus their mind towards right thinking, decision making and make BIG money in life.

One Success Habit of many millionaires around the globe is writing a Happyness Journal.

They know that they can become the author of their own happiness and health.

Would you like to Sleep Happy & Make BIG Money like them?

Tried & Tested across the globe by millions of business leaders.

1) Quick & Easy – All it takes only 5 minutes to pen down your day with positivism and gratitude which fuels more happy hormones in your body.

2) 100 Day Tracker – Our oscillating mind needs daily motivation and inspiration to keep track our challenge and self reward ourselves.

3) Measurement of Happiness – Simple self rating keeps our spirits high.

4) Priorities of Tomorrow – This helps to focus on the Income Producing Activities and hence we wake up excited from bed.

5) Private Facebook Community – We all need inspiration and social recognition for what we do and hence this like minded happy community givers contribute to as a daily inspiration for all happyness journal users – Learn, Network and Grow.

6) Certificate of Completion – Journal has an inbuilt certificate of completion which boosts our will power, self-esteem and confidence to propel towards higher growth in life.

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Inside the Journal

100 Days undated edition

Why you need to write this Journal

Contract/Agreement page

Facebook Community Details

100-Day Daily Pages

10 Days Tracker with reward mechanism

Inspirational Quotes

Daily Happyness Meter

Certificate of Completion

Daily Reflection, Gratitude Log, and Positive Affirmations

16 ways you can use this journal to increase prosperity

Please note that quotes and inspiring words may vary from one book to another as we print a few editions throughout the year. Nonetheless, the core content is the same. :)


How will I receive my journal?

You will receive your journal via courier to your postal address as mentioned during your purchase within 7-10 working days depending upon your location. Mostly we deliver across the country.

How will I receive my audio and video lessons?

To encourage participation, we recommend you to send a picture of the contract page in your journal to You will start receiving your daily lessons upon receiving your email.

How to become part of private facebook community?

The directions are given in your journal on how to enroll yourself into the private facebook community. For any queries pl send us an email and we will be happy to serve you.

Why its only a 100 day journal?

100 day is a perfect length to reap a new habit, a lifestyle change or an attitude shift. 100 days means 100 days of positivity, mindfulness and self-development. Now you have the will-power to challenge with an one year journal.

Can I gift this journal to my friends or beloved ones?

Yes, we encourage you to gift this journal to your friends on their birthday. They will remember you for the next 100 days and not just for that one day.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the product/damaged product?

We have a 100% refund no-question policy if you didn’t like this product. But we certainly believe you will continue to work towards your daily happiness and do let us know if we can help you in any which way.

Buy My Happyness Journal

Rs. 997.00

Rs. 1,497.00